While  cute lace lingerie Highsnobs the world over wait with bated breath to see what the menswear illuminati (and thus, everyone else) will be wearing this season, it can get a bit depressing seeing your favorite influencers flexing in beautiful but impossibly expensive gear. With that in mind, we are introducing a new feature where we hook our fellow Snobs up with info on where to find affordable but razor-sharp on-trend merchandise.

The most luxe of building materials, marble makes for a pretty obvious source of high-fashion inspiration thanks to its lush appearance and premium price tag – doubly so given the current obsession with monochrome colorways, so it makes sense to kick off this new feature with five items of affordable pieces bearing prints of everyone’s favourite recrystallized carbonate mineral.

Perfect for topping off your outfit with a bit of opulence, Topman’s 5-panel cap will act as the perfect accompaniment for a black-heavy getup. Not just good for topping off kitchen surfaces, turns out marble is also great for topping off steezy outfits. Get yours here for a mere $28.